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Payment processing solutions and tailored products that enhance commercial outcomes for restaurants hospitality transport retailers entertainment leisure restaurants hospitality transport retailers


Resonance is a bank sponsored third party processor at the forefront of next generation payment solutions.

We are an industry leader, developing custom products beyond payment that drive commercial outcomes for our corporate partners.

Our success is underpinned by established operations, strong partnerships and a wealth of experience in multiple international markets.

creative business solutions

Delivering business enhancing products such as lending loyalty insurance vouchering

Resonance’s processing environment connects consumers, merchants and product owners at the point of payment.

Our proprietary technology platform is designed to manage a spectrum of transactions as well as the rapid development and distribution of custom products.

The offering presents merchants with a range of additional products beyond acquiring that significantly enhances the value proposition, helping to further monetise their customer engagement and promote retention.


The Organisations who partner with us

We work with suppliers brands franchisors banks seeking innovative ways to extract incremental value from their networks


Resonance’s technology serves the interests of an ever-expanding merchant-centric eco-system.

Our processing environment is a connection-point at which commercial interests converge, increasing efficiency and enhancing relationships between customers, merchants, brands, suppliers and partner organisations.

We value our partner relationships with institutions such as Cuscal Bank and Monash Private Capital in Sydney.

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