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Established 17 years ago, Resonance has a long history of partnering with corporates, retail groups, hospitality groups, services organisations, associations, banks and SMEs in 11 countries around the world.

We focus on end-to end commercial outcomes for our customers. We specialise in the deployment of solutions which seamlessly integrate payment and data flows;  new capabilities and legacy systems which are fundamental to the allowing organisations to better collect and manage customer data, more efficiently manage workflow, costs and business processes, and more effectively drive customer loyalty and value.

In addition, as a certified payment processor in Australia, we are able to bring together payment and non-payment data streams to create a seamless experience for everyone – businesses and customers alike.

“It’s not about the payment. It’s about what triggers a payment, and what the payment can trigger.”

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Delivering the ability to better collect customer data manage customer data manage multichannel payments integrate data and payments incentivise customers reward customers lower business costs simplify processes deliver better intelligence

Resonance’s processing environment connects consumers, merchants and product owners at the point of payment.

Resonance’s proprietary platform allows organisations of all types to create value from data, with an integrated environment bringing together customer information management, payments, loyalty programs, campaigning, workflow and reconciliation.

We focus on innovation without undue disruption, ensuring co-existence between innovative data and payment technologies and business critical legacy systems


The Organisations who partner with us

We work with suppliers brands franchisors seeking innovative ways to extract incremental value from their networks


Resonance’s technology serves the interests of an ever-expanding merchant-centric eco-system.

Our processing environment is a connection-point at which commercial interests converge, increasing efficiency and enhancing relationships between customers, merchants, brands, suppliers and partner organisations.

We value our partner relationships with institutions such as Cuscal Limited and Monash Private Capital in Sydney.

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